Roshni Sonkar Madiyaon

How equal participation in all the domestic and business duties balances the daily routine for the Sonkar couple in Lucknow

The festive season has kept both Roshni and Sunil greatly occupied in their fruit shop, that witnessed a higher demand during early November. Both Roshni and Sunil have been working hard by selling fruits and fresh juice, beginning from 8 am till 11pm, in the Daliganj area in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. During Diwali they realized that they needed to stock up on their shop to generate more revenue. With growing demands of their children, a 2-year-old son and a 5-year-old daughter, it was becoming crucial to increase the family’s income. It is then that Roshni was introduced to ARTH by her friend Reshma, an old ARTH customer. Once Roshni and Sunil were able to make time from the festive demand in their shop, they approached the organization for a small credit to stock up on the shop supplies. Since Sunil was active on all online platforms and accepted digital payments in his shop, understanding the digital credit facility came easy to him and he was able to convey the same to Roshni in a short span of time.

Roshni and Sunil have been together looking after the needs of their household as well as the business. Roshni in her everyday routine made sure that she was able to finish her domestic chores early in the day, to later spend time in their shop. Sunil then goes to the fruit market daily to buy the necessary goods to be sold. Once he is back Roshni again visits home to feed her children and make preparations for the night-time for her family. Again, later in the day she returns to the shop to close their business for the day and then comes back home with her husband. On the other hand, her husband keeps a track of the household necessities and assures that Roshni never runs out of any food supplies or other domestic goods back home. The joint partnership of this couple is a true example of a family’s positive growth! Soon in a couple of days the registration and verification processes had been completed and Roshni was now eligible for receiving her first individual micro-enterprise loan of INR 30,000 for expanding her business. She is confident that she will be able to increase her daily sales, to settle her loan before time. Currently her business generates a minimum of INR 4000 per day and goes even upto INR 20,000 during higher demand. Roshni then intends to set up another side business that she will be able to manage, alongside the fruit shop, by availing a higher credit in the next cycle. During the day of the disbursement, once the process was completed, she was also informed about the Sukanya Samridhi Yojana by the ARTH Sakhee (Welfare officer). To the Sakhee’s surprise, Roshni was well aware of this savings scheme backed by the government of India and had already been planning to invest in it for her daughter. She was also guided of the registration process and will soon be completing her application by investing INR 1000 for the future needs of her 5-year-old daughter. The couple happily returned to their fruit shop discussing plans about making more money from the money they had just received digitally!

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