Asha Gupta

Partnering with ARTH has helped me in balancing my income through tough times.

Partnering with ARTH has helped me in balancing my income through tough times.

“Usually, April-May is the time we would have received orders for school uniforms. But due to lockdown schools were closed and we lost these orders. If Arth didn’t start this mask and hygiene kits work, our financial situation would have been very bad at home.” said Asha Gupta, who runs a small tailoring unit near Madiyaon, Lucknow .
For over 3 months, Asha has been making mask and PPE kits with ARTH for distribution in the local communities. Under our initiative Project Suraksha, Asha had received training and support from industry experts for the production of hygiene essentials. After this, she has alone supported in making approx. 5000 face masks and 200 PPE kits, by which she has earned more than INR 37,000. Once she completes making her order, she goes and deposits them at the ARTH Business centre, which is just fifteen minutes away from her house. Once the Sakhee checks the quality and quantity of products, Asha used to receive a credit in her bank account. “This is a significant earning, given that I have had no work or income since the lockdown began.”
After this project, Asha again partnered with ARTH in making the Diwali gift hampers, which were custom-made by their women champions only. Through both these projects, Asha has greatly increased her income during the pre and post pandemic times, when no other alternate source seemed fruitful for Asha and her family. These are some of the key livelihood interventions by ARTH in helping rural entrepreneurs amid the crises. Our aim is to help the society by donating masks and hygiene kits.

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