Ganga DEvi

I am proud of being a part of providing to the special needs of the society, during these COVID times!

Mrs. Ganga Devi availed her first loan from ARTH to start her tiffin services business that supports her family for basics, now she is helping the community in the fight against a global crisis.
Ganga Devi, a COVID superhero, belongs to the village Pragati Puram in Raeberalli, Uttar Pradesh. She has been associated with ARTH since 2017, when she intended to set up her business of providing tiffin service in her area. To start her setup of tiffin services, she availed a credit facility of INR20,000. Currently Ganga Devi has been refinanced for the third time with a small Loan amount of INR 40,000.
Before her connect with ARTH, she had quoted that their situation was so bad that her family had even survived on eating chapati’s with salt.
When Ganga had started her association with ARTH, she was always concerned about managing the expenses of her children like school fees, uniform, books and stationary, etc. After she began supplying tiffin in her area, in a couple of months she had managed to buy a new refrigerator and an inverter in the next few months. More than the appliances, the bigger achievement for Ganga Devi has been the confidence that instilled in her and her family the strength to pursue this specific service.
However, due to the Lockdown, it was tough for Ganga Devi to partner with her husband in supporting expenses and looking after their children. Her husband is a scrap dealer, who had to totally halt his daily business during the restrictions of Lockdown.
It is then, when Ganga Devi decided to stand up to support her family of their daily needs; and partnered with ARTH in the production of masks and Hygiene kits. Under project Suraksha, ARTH organised virtual training sessions for skill development, following the guidelines as prescribed by the MoHFW (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare) for mask production.
Today, Ganga Devi has been successfully able to support her family during these challenging times by making an additional income to cope up. The confidence from her statement justifies our program objective and gives us immense pleasure to be associated with such independently strong women.
Ganga Devi said, “I feel proud to be actively engaged in providing to the special needs of the society, during these times of unpreparedness, especially at the village level.”

ARTH aims to empower women belonging to far off rural areas by extending support to sustain households and acclimatize to the changing needs of 2020.

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