Kamlesh Raeberali

Smaller businesses with happier entrepreneurs

45-year old Kamlesh from Raeberali own a small food-stall in the Belabhela area that has been keeping her family satisfied and connected.
Kamlesh and her husband run a small Gol-Gappe thela in their area in Raeberali. Kamlesh feels blessed to be independent enough to fulfill all her needs from her business unit and does not have to depend on any other person in the family in case of need. She has 3 daughters and 1 son, who have all supported her in her entrepreneurial journey. The only cause of concern for Kamlesh was getting her daughters married, but now two of her daughters are already married and settled in their lives. Though she had always wanted her children to be educated and working in private jobs, but her son also joined their food stall business and now supports his parents in the same.

The Maha Sakhee Sabha is the best memory of Kamlesh with ARTH, since it provided a forum for all the women to voice out their situation and received guidance as per their needs. As per her, the good part about her relationship with ARTH is that she has always received prompt responses whenever she has been in a difficult condition. Kamlesh first got associated for a small loan of INR 20,000, which she has timely settled and is now in her second cycle of INR 30,000 that she had availed after the lockdown to re-stock on her business needs.
Kamlesh is happy with the income she generates from her small unit because it also keeps all her family members knitted together.

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