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Unprepared and locked in Mumbai: When milk selling took a back seat during COVID

Mithilesh moved to Mumbai 3 years back to look after the needs of his family. He has been selling milk in the societies around the Mahalakshmi area. His mother and two younger siblings stayed back at their hometown of Bhadohi in U.P. when he decided to migrate to the dream city.
With dreams of buying his own house in Mumbai where Mithilesh could stay with his mother and siblings, his business had started to grow and further allowed him to make personal savings. Little did he know that he would have to face the consequences of COVID to the extent that his business would eventually come to a standstill.
Trapped in between the restrictions of the nation wide lockdown, Mithilesh was no longer able to supply milk in the societies where he was em paneled. Days turned into weeks which became months and Mithilesh had no earnings at all. In addition to the miseries, he had routine personal expenses as well as business-related expenses that were piling up for payment. He tried to take advances from residents whom he was servicing. However, people were reluctant in giving advance payments due to uncertainty of things.
Some of his immediate concerns involved loss of income, reverse migration, cashflow mismatch, business discontinuity, etc. That was causing distress for Mithilesh. Even his family was dependant on earnings made by him to meet their daily demands. While sharing about his situation with one of the residents- Meera, he got to know about an emergency loan that by which he could receive instant credit in his account.
Mithilesh was unaware of such digital services in the market and hence got curious to know more about the same. Since Meera was grateful of the services she had received during the restrictions, she wanted to take an extra mile for all the doorstep deliveries that she had received all this while. Mithilesh got his application made for Avatar Loan with Meera’s support and further completed his process digitally.
On the 12th of May, 2020 Mithilesh had received the credit alert of INR 30,000 into his account by ARTH. He immediately transferred part of the amount into the account of his mother for his family’s expenses. To his joy, he had NO repayments to make till the next 3 months, I.e. till September 12th.
Presently, business has returned on track for Mithilesh and his expenses are being managed on a daily basis, like the pre-COVID days. The panic caused due to the pandemic had eased out for Mithilesh by a small gesture of Meera; positively impacting even the lives of his family members.
Such is happiness for lower income people with smaller needs and even smaller efforts!

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