Sanju Devi-Pataudi

Simple Loan processing for easy understanding of women micro-entrepreneurs!

Sanju Devi has her trust in ARTH because when all sources for help go dry, ARTH has always come to rescue her furniture business. Sanju Devi from Patudi, runs a furniture shop with her husband. During the lockdown her business remained shut completely and it had become difficult for her to manage the household needs. She has five children in the age group of 10-18 years, who should all be working in big companies when they become of age, according to Sanju. Due to loss of income, Sanju was unable to buy more stock to resume her business post lockdown. It is then when she got introduced to ARTH by her sister, who has been actively associated with Arth for a couple of years and informed Sanju that the company is supporting women to become “atma-nirbhar”. Sanju then filled in her application for an individual credit support and was greatly received when she got an offer of INR 30,000 within a couple of days. The amount was disbursed in her bank account digitally in the next two days and Sanju immediately invested in purchasing stock for her micro-enterprise of furniture-making. Owing to her seamless experience, Sanju quotes that she has huge respect for ARTH, since it came out for her support when she had run out of all other avenues. She also received insurance benefits along-with the credit support, which she would not have been able to avail otherwise.

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