ARTH Woman Entrepreneur Financial Access
When Seema Devi lost her husband in 2016, her world fell apart. A mother of two, she had no support system to help her. Both emotionally and financially devastated, she had to take up the reins as the sole breadwinner to support her family.

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A resident of Bela Gusisi in Uttar Pradesh, Seema Devi wanted to set up a small dairy business, which she could manage from home. But with no know-how about how to do it and no real access to funds, her dreams of running a business faced a serious challenge. That is when ARTH stepped in.
In 2017, ARTH provided Seema Devi with funds, and trained her in digital literacy, to help her start her business and achieve social and economic independence. ARTH’s assistance went beyond a one-time capital for the business.
The recent COVID-19 pandemic hit Seema Devi hard. Not only did her own business almost reach a halt, both her sons lost their jobs due to the lockdown, and returned home.
It was hard to keep things running at such times. But a special relief policy by ARTH offered to its micro-enterprise customers (that allowed for flexible repayments), meant she could keep her loan going without the worry about bad debt.