Emerging Women Leaders – Shweta aprameya fintech platform arth wealth
To relieve the customers from the hardships caused by the loss of business during the lockdown, ARTH offered all eligible borrowers extended relief measures for the term loan installments for the period between 31st March to 1st June 2020.

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In this feature of 100 Emerging Women Leaders, we feature Shweta Aprameya, Founder and CEO of fintech startup ARTH, which provides financial access for the livelihood and uplift of women in rural India.
Shweta Aprameya knew that if she had to start up, it had to be in the financial sector and investment space. After completing her studies at MIT Sloan, Shweta worked in the UK in the financial sector, enabling digital finance, using technology in the emerging markets.
After returning to India in 2010, Shweta decided to look closely at the segment. She focused on Mumbai’s Dharavi market.
Working as a VP at Fino Payments Bank, Shweta worked on the Alpha Payment Services — a mobile payments venture focused on providing bank-led financial services to the masses with an operator and device-agnostic model.