Anjani’s entrepreneurial ladder from a boutique to a training center in Madiyaon!
Anjani runs a boutique and a training center in Madiyaon, along with her husband. They have together expanded their business to an extent that other women are now employed in their center.

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32 years old Anjani began her entrepreneurial journey in 2016 to set up a small stitching unit from her home to make an added income. During these 4 years, she has expanded her business from a small unit to a bigger boutique. She has availed loans of amounts INR 20,000; INR 30,000; INR 40,000 and is in her 4th cycle of INR 50,000 to grow her business during these years.
She started this journey with one machine, and now has multiple machines spread over multiple functionalities and engaging multiple people. She has recently also launched a good-looking boutique to attract more customers. In her training center, other women get to learn embroidery, stitching and other skills to help them in becoming financially independent.
The toughest time for Anjani was a few years back when her husband met with an accident and was under complete bed rest for over three months. During these difficult times, she singe-handedly managed all the expenses, including his treatment, school fees of her children and other daily expenses. Anjani is now going to buy a smartphone for herself so that she can explore trending designs on the go and accept digital payments through UPI.
“Maine vittiya pathshala ki meeting mein jana ki apni kamayi ka lekha jokha rakhna kitna important hai. Isake sath hi maine yah bhi jana ki digital transaction kya hota hai aur isko kaise karte hai.”