Envelopes from home making business has strengthened Afsana Financially
Afsana Begum, aged 42 years old, makes paper envelopes from recycled newspapers. These are then sold to the sellers in their market area.

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Afsana Bano has been making money by her home-made paper-envelopes that are sold in the neighboring shops. Her husband, Mohd. Ismail is an e-rickshaw driver in Lucknow. They have 4 children in the age-group 17-22. Her daughters are currently studying, while her sons stay in different cities and also work as drivers.
Earlier when only her husband was working, the income was becoming insufficient to manage the household. Only to make it worse, her husband met with an accident and when he was recovering from the injuries, Afsana herself met with an accident. Afsana then decided to contribute to the income of the family and set up this envelope making business by availing a credit of INR 15,000; INR 30,000 and then INR 40,000 in her third cycle from ARTH. The credit support has helped Afsana in taking this step at this age and is now smoothly able to manage her household with 4 earning family members.
She has been associated with ARTH since 2017 and finds the government-linkage initiative greatly helpful in supporting the needs of women micro-entrepreneurs. Through the Kaushal Vikas Yojana, she has also enrolled her daughter to learn stitching, and is also receiving a scholarship amount. Afsana and her family has been through rocky roads earlier. Her journey now is empowering for other women to become independent!