Housewife turned vendor to add on to the family’s income
Reena Verma’s husband was a vegetable vendor before she joined him and added another stall to sell flowers and make more money.

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Reena Verma’s husband was the sole earning member of their family a few years back and his income was the only source to support his family of 5, with 3 children. Since he was single-handedly managing his business, it was becoming difficult for him to look after his shop in his absence, as he had to bring in fresh stock on a daily basis.
Reena then had this idea of lending a helping hand to his husband as she could utilize her spare time in the business, which would also help the couple to make more money. She then approached ARTH and availed her first credit, that she utilized to establish another flower stall adjacent to her husband’s vegetable shop.
Till date, Reena has availed three cycles of credit support from ARTH that the couple has consumed to expand their micro-enterprise. This has substantially improved their income and they are now able to efficiently able to support the growing needs of their three children who are all pursuing their primary education.