Project Suraksha by ARTH
With the onset of the COVID 19 virus, hygiene masks have seen an unprepared and increased demand worldwide.

ARTH Community Engagement Events

Owing to the above problem statement and insights from the customer outreach conducted earlier in April, ARTH undertook the initiative of Project Suraksha to support the livelihoods of its women entrepreneurs through these difficult times by the production of masks and hygiene kits.
During the multi-level customer outreach conducted in April 2020, more than 7 out of 10 women micro-entrepreneurs had reported a loss of income due to discontinuity of their business during the nationwide Lockdown. Even with the gradual unlocking most of the business owners experienced a severe impact on their revenue owing to a shortfall of customers and disruption in supplies.
The masks and hygiene kits produced by these women were then distributed in their local communities, like community health centers, police stations, and government administration to be supplied to the marginalized within that region. Project Suraksha aimed at not only providing financial assistance to entrepreneurs whose businesses were temporarily closed, but also provide for the needs of the marginalized communities.