Re-defining the role of a woman in a joint family
Neelam Tiwari believes that every individual should be independent in their own self throughout their lives.

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52-year-old Neelam Tiwari comes from a family of 7, comprising of a married son and daughter-in-law, and three other sons and her husband. While her husband is a driver and stays out of town mostly, Neelam runs a ‘Pooja Bhandar’ shop. Her sons and daughter-in-law are all working and the family has no financial challenges.
However, Neelam is of the view that age or gender is no barrier for any human to not-work. She set up her shop a few years ago when she had no work and was left alone at home since everybody used to leave for their offices.
Neelam is surely setting a good example for all her future generations in the family by promoting a Financially independent approach.