Recovering the losses of perished stock in my grocery store
Ramavati suffered huge losses when the nation went under a lockdown, as the food supplies that were stored in her shop began to spoil.

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Ramavati, 45 had been smoothly running her grocery store before COVID hit. Unprepared and unaware, she had no choice but to keep her shop closed for months. Due to this closure, most of the goods that she had stored began to deteriorate. With no hope on resuming their business anytime soon, the losses were increasing with each passing day.
Ramavati’s first connect with ARTH goes back to 2018 when she was in need of funds to start her micro-enterprise. Later, she re-applied for another credit in 2020, after the lockdown to cover up for the losses and purchase fresh stock.
Gradually things are falling in place for her as they have started to cover up for the damages.