Lead/Associate – Data Science
As the lead/Associate of the Data Science Function in the company, pe will be reporting to the founder and offer support to teams like product, sales and marketing through insights gained from analyzing company data. Your responsibilities will include:
Reporting Manager – Head – Data Analytics & Data Science
Role & Responsibilities:
  • Provide technical leadership in the areas of machine learning and data sciences in building the various components of the semantics layer
  • Responsible for driving the design and development of product lifecycle
  • Responsible for the design-related and algorithmic innovations
  • Work and coordinate with multiple stakeholders to identify opportunities for leveraging company data to drive business solutions, implement models and monitor outcomes
  • Assess the effectiveness and accuracy of new data sources and data gathering techniques and develop processes and tools to monitor and analyze model performance and data accuracy.
  • Use predictive modeling to increase and optimize customer experiences, revenue generation, ad targeting and other business outcomes.

Qualifications & Skills required

  • Experience in data wrangling (SQL, Pandas, Data Frames) and familiarity with various databases
  • Experience in at least one statistical programming language (R or Python)
  • Experience in applying statistical techniques (descriptive and inferential statistics, statistical tests)
  • Experience in creating both supervised and unsupervised learning models (linear and logistic regression, decision tree and random forest, clustering and segmentation).
  • Visualisation using any of the R or Python libraries to explore datasets
  • 4 – 6 years of experience in data science/analytics, machine learning and data engineering.
  • Confident and results driven.
  • Extremely Analytical.
  • Well Organized.