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Transforming lives through Sustainable livelihood interventions

Who are we

Enterprising Communities Through Welfare And Livelihood Driven Initiatives And Interventions

ARTH Foundation has been established with an intention to empower entrepreneurs from the marginalized communities of our country. The Foundation works to provide micro and nano entrepreneurs with access to welfare & livelihood support services with a specific focus on gender-based interventions.

Our vision is to become a partner in building and supporting the livelihood goals of micro-entrepreneurs and helping them achieve social-economic independence by inculcating an inclusive environment for all and upholding the values of equality, integrity, and diversity.

How we work

ARTH Foundation is uniquely leveraging technology and its rural presence to address four key objectives:

  • Empowering, enterprising, and enriching the lives of micro-entrepreneurs.
  • Livelihood Enhancement of the community members.
  • Women Empowerment
  • Local & Rural socio-economic development.

Our contributions

UN-SDGs we work for:

ARTH Foundation works in coherence with the social impact framework of the United Nations-Sustainable Development Goals.
Our current initiatives work towards achieving the following SDGs

Our Initiatives

Arth foundation believes that the welfare of an individual is bounded by the welfare of all. Therefore, we at Arth run various initiatives to enrich and empower the under privileged people.

ARTH Kalpataru

ARTH Kalpataru, an initiative in coherence with UN-SDG 10 “Reduced Inequalities”, aims to reduce social-disparities amongst people, caused due to an awareness-gap. Under Kalpataru, underserved and underprivileged communities of India are provided a linkage to government welfare schemes and programs.

ARTH Vittiya Pathshala

ARTH Vittiya Pathshala, an initiative in coherence with UN-SDG 8 “Decent work & Economic Growth”, aims to bridge the disparity of financial education amongst micro-entrepreneurs & underprivileged nano & micro business owners, especially women. Under Vittiya Patshala, various interactive financially literacy and awareness programs are conducted.

ARTH Poshan Vatika

ARTH Poshan Vatika, an initiative in coherence with UN-SDG 2: “Zero Hunger” and UN-SDG 3: “Good Health and Well Being”, aims to ensure every underserved family is able to meet their nutrient requirements in an effective and self-reliant manner. Under Poshan Vatika, communities are helped to cultivate sustainable kitchen-gardens within their homes to meets their nutritional needs.

ARTH Community Engagement Events

ARTH Community engagement events are community-centered orientations held on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Under this, various skill-based workshops, social welfare camps, sensitization sessions are conducted. The aim of community engagement events is to influence communities towards sustainable and impactful change.

Community-Need based Interventions

ARTH Foundation also initiates and executes a lot of intervention programs based on the necessity of the members of the society, at a particular time.

In 2020, with the pandemic holding the entire world hostage, the underprivileged encountered an even gloomier reality. Marginalized people were further pushed into the margins.

Keeping this in mind, ARTH Foundation initiated many interventions at the time to provide access to relevant resources to help these community members.


A livelihood initiative for providing women with alternate opportunities to become economically engaged during the first wave of COVID-19.

ARTH Khushi Chatbot

An initiative to promote customer education & access to information during the first wave of COVID-19 through a vernacular chatbot interface.

ARTH Rahat

A COVID relief program to support the revival of COVID hit resilient micro-businesses post-COVID induced lockdowns in India.

ARTH Relief Policy

Offering all eligible borrowers extended relief measures for the term loan installments for the period between 31st March to 1st June 2020.

ARTH Prerna

An educational assistance policy that aims to financially support the educational requirements of children who lost their parents or primary earning members of the family to the COVID-19 virus.

ARTH Khushhali

ARTH Khushhali or Pay-for-Performance is a monetary incentive that incentivizes good social behaviour in the customers.

Our Impact

Lives touched

35,000+ applications filled for last mile link with government welfare schemes

1800+ people provided with basic financial literacy and awareness

50+ households accomodated with their nutritional needs through sustainable kitchen gardens

416 people attended skill development community engagement interventions

416 people attended skill development community engagement interventions

2250+ people provided access to government-sponsored welfare scheme

50+ rural families enabled with alternative sources of livelihood during COVID

250+ government welfare schemes in the databank

INR 40,000 average direct income generation by enabling an alternate source of earnings to families in COVID lockdowns


Get Involved


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